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Puppy CultureTM

What is Puppy Culture?
Accentually it is doggy kindergarten.

At our dog breeding facility, Puppy Culture is our standard. As a responsible breeder and owner, we take pride in raising happy and healthy puppies. Our Puppy Culture program is an innovative and evidence-based approach to early puppy development. From the moment they are born, our puppies receive individual attention and nurturing to ensure they are well-adjusted and eager to learn.

Some items that form part of the Puppy Culture program are:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to enhance the development of strong nervous systems.

  • Barrier Challenge to instill problem-solving ability and teach the puppies frustration tolerance.

  • Clicker training to teach the puppy how to learn, how to enjoy learning, and to seek out learning.

  • Conditioned Emotional Responses (CER) to teach positive associations with important puppy skills, such as crate training, grooming, veterinary handling, enjoying the company of humans, and having manners.

  • Habituation to the desensitization of loud noised and new experiences, such as a vacuum, lawn mower, pressure washer and roller suitcase.

  • Attention to People to teach a puppy to be to make eye contact with humans, and to use this as a communication method.

  • Puppy Parties with the grandkids to teach the puppies to engage confidently with humans and enjoy activities with humans.

  • Manding, which is a way of teaching puppies to offer polite behaviors and asking for attention, instead of jumping, barking, etc.

  • Puppy obedience, such as sitting, walking on a leash, and waiting at doors instead of barging in or out.

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