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Bentley is one of our first Bernese's. He is so well behaved and just wants to be close and please. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

The King

AKC# WS39835201

BG ID# 149931

Weight 80 lbs

Shiloh is our male we got from Belgium. He is 133lbs

He comes from world renowned Van't Stokerybros Kennels in Belgium. Both his parents are International Grand Champions!!


The Other King

AKC# WS66361201

BG ID# 162354

Weight 133 Lbs

Duncan is a home grown puppy we kept out of River and Bentley.
Cant wait to watch him grow up and see what beautiful puppies he produces.


Cooper is an amazing little guy. He has a magnificent silky coat and the perfect temperament. He produces amazing little puppies.

Little Cooper

One of the Princes

Weight 3 Lbs

Sundance is a Golden Parti Yorkie. We cant wait to see what beautiful puppies he will produce!


One of the Princes

Weight 3.7 Lbs

Winston is our up and coming young stud.
Gorgeous silky coat and perfect baby doll face.

Cant wait to see what he produce's.

Yorkshire Terrier
Mr. Winston

One of the Princes

Weight 4 Lbs

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

Preston is our little Parti stud.
Cant wait to see what him and our Parti females produce.

Parti Yorkie
Mr. Preston

One of the Princes

Weight 3.5 Lbs

Parti Yorkie
Parti Yorkie