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We will have Yorkie puppies looking for their FOREVER homes!!!
We have Berner puppies looking for their FOREVER homes!!!

Please contact me for more information.
Please note that we have a waiting list full of potential pre-approved homes.
If you are interested in getting on the list, you will need to contact me, and put down a $500 NONREFUNDABLE deposit thru my Venmo Account at
@DLynn-Roberts and I will add you to the waiting list.
Thanks for visiting!!!
Please note the phone service is not great where we live so, please if you do not reach me try again. Feel free to Text me and I will give you a call.  I am unable to retrieve voicemails due to service. I apologize for any inconvenience.
**Prices are subject to change until a deposit is received for a specific puppy**

**Puppies are not priced till they are 8-10 weeks old or older**

Yorkie Waiting List

1. Hunter O. Tn 
2. Monica T. Tn 

1. Coleen C. Tn 
2. Kevin O. Tn 
3. Janelle A. Tn 
4. Lyla M. Tn 
5. Shanine S. Tn Remington Litter 

Bernese Waiting List

1. Kim McCorkle Tn 
2.Cole A. Tn Duncan male litter August 
3. Christy S. Ga August Litter



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