We're sorry!!

There are currently no available puppies at this time.

Please note that we have a waiting list full of potential pre-approved homes. If you are interested in getting on the list, you will need to contact me and put down a $500 NONREFUNDABLE deposit thru Venmo to my account @

D'Lynn Roberts @ DLynn-Roberts and I will add you to the waiting list.

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Yorkie Waiting List


1. Cheryl A. Alaska

2. Lisa G. Tennessee

3. Julie & Jack R.

4. Karen W. Virginia

5. Shawn L.  Tennessee

6. Dayce M Texas

7. Coleen & Timothy C. Tennessee


1. Stephanie C.

2. Jim H, Tennessee

3. Jim H.

4. Leah O. Tennessee

5. Donna A.

6. Donna A. 

7. Karen W. Virginia

8. Sherry T. Georgia

9.Maggie M. Illinois

10. E. Harrison Tennessee

Bernese Waiting List


1. Abby & Darren R Tennessee


1. Dennis W. Tennessee

2. Jessica & Jimmy H. B